“Triangle” Cast Records New Song

Triangle 1_KevinBerne

One of the most exciting parts of premiering Triangle was the chance to hear a brand new song performed, a song that we’d written just before rehearsals started. “Take My Hand” turned out to be a magical moment in the show, thanks to the spectacular talents of our very own “triangle” Zachary Prince, Ross Lekites and Megan McGinnis– and we managed to lure this amazing trio back together to record a demo!

Some context for those who don’t know the show: As church bells ring out across the city to commemorate the Triangle fire, a starry-eyed Ben encourages the shy scientist Brian to join him by the window, the very window where exactly a hundred years earlier another couple shared a kiss amidst the tragedy. Just as Brian takes a first step toward romance, he recognizes the eerie similarities and pulls back. Time seems to fold back on itself and the ghosts of the past rise around him, with Ben himself transforming into the man from the doomed couple–reaching out through the fire to his love, Sarah, for one last embrace.