Please Sir, Can I Have Some Mizer & Moore?

New ideas, one-offs, old favorites and songs on spec: this is a catch-all category to feature those songs that don’t quite have a home…yet.

“Someone Like Me”: From a newly bubbling idea tentatively titled The Last Prom Queen Ever, an outcast teenager holds the Prom Queen’s tiara in her hands and wonders what it would be like if she were crowned. Lyrics by Thomas Mizer, Music by Curtis Moore and Matthew Brookshire. (Performed by Emily Walton)


“We Are One”: A spec submission for a musical version of Dances with Wolves (yeah, you read that right), producers asked for teams to write a song for the big buffalo hunt scene. The song was a hit and we were proud of how we overcame our initial concerns to produce something theatrical and very different from our other work. Lyrics by Thomas Mizer, Music by Curtis Moore. (Performed by Colin Hanlon & Patrick Mellen)


“I’m Not Here”: In a song commissioned for an unfilmed screenplay, an outcast teen stalks through a crowded cafeteria and realizes that she is invisible to everyone at her school. Lyrics by Thomas Mizer, Music by Curtis Moore. (Performed by Megan McGettigan)