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SAS Love Flight

Welcome aboard the world’s first “Love Flight,” as two lucky couples are married in the skies between Stockholm and New York City.

Gotham on Ice

Journey above the Arctic Circle as two designers prepare and execute their elaborate design for a New York City-inspired room at the world famous Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden.

Cruising New Zealand & Australia

From Passport Magazine, February 2010:

We’ll be like unicorns,” I teased my partner Travis, as we stood before the MS Volendam, a 780-foot cruise ship docked just outside Christchurch, New Zealand. “We’ll be magical.”

We’d never been on a cruise before and had heard the jokes about passengers being “newlywed or nearly dead,” not to mention overwhelmingly straight. As a young, gay couple, we were clearly none of the above and the specter of standing out, or worse yet, being shunned, hung over our decision to sail with Holland America Line ( on a “general-audience” itinerary between New Zealand and Australia…

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New Orleans with Bryan Batt

Join Passport TV on a tour of New Orleans with Mad Men star and hometown hero Bryan Batt.

Seductive Barcelona

From Passport Magazine, May 2009:

From the tiny observation deck high inside an iron column tribute to Christopher Columbus, the Monument a Colom, my partner and I leaned into one another—both out of affection and claustrophobic necessity—as we surveyed a darkening Barcelona below us. We were only a few dazed hours off the plane, still unsure of our uncharacteristically spontaneous decision to hop on a flight for a romantic getaway. We squeezed closer together, a breeze sliding in from the Mediterranean. Sensuous and enveloping, generous and accommodating, Barcelona was already casting her spell…

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