Is Triangle “Too Good for Broadway”?

Triangle 10_KevinBerne

Clearly, that’s a purposefully controversial (and certainly fate-tempting for me to repeat) question, but it is the theme of a lovely and thoughtful piece about our musical Triangle by Chad Jones, the theatre critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s an excerpt from his blog post titled “The delights of TheatreWorks’ time-twisting Triangle”:

This is an intimate chamber musical – cast of six – that takes love and grief and history seriously and deftly uses music to underscore its rich emotions. In other words, it’s too good for Broadway – at least the Broadway we knew before “Fun Home” and “Hamilton” made it safe for intelligence and intensity once again on the Great White Way.

Who knows if this trend continues, but if it does, maybe shows like “Triangle” will reach the larger audiences they deserve to, but if this musical continued through the world of regional theater or even ended up off Broadway, that would be OK. Audiences would have the pleasure of experiencing it in smaller houses where it feels personal and scaled just right – epic emotions but small-scale storytelling with the added twist of time travel.

That he even puts us within a few sentences of two amazing shows that I admire is deeply humbling. But I do appreciate Mr. Jones calling out our work and other “personal” shows, which can get lost in the wake of bigger, splashier musicals. Here’s to hoping that audiences don’t have to choose but can have access to and enjoy all kinds of musical theater.