Food Network Spot & CC Team Win 2013 Promax/BDA Awards

Brickleberry TakeOver

The 2013 Promax/BDA Awards for entertainment marketing were announced in Los Angeles last week and there was good news all around.

First up, I won the Silver for Television Copywriting for my Food Network “Thanksgiving Umbrella” script. Given that the majority of my work is for print, I’m truly proud to be recognized for an on-air spot. Thanks to Peter and Crissy for letting me spread my wings (and channel my inner Dr. Seuss.)

In addition, among the 12 awards won by our Comedy Central Brand Creative and Digital teams, I was the copywriter on the crew for two: the Multimedia Marketing Campaign Gold for the full range of “Brickleberry” materials and the Online Marketing Silver for our “Key & Peele Season 2” YouTube campaign.