The Legend of Stagecoach Mary

The Legend of Stagecoach Mary, by Thomas Mizer and Curtis Moore, is an irreverent yet emotional tall tale about the power of diversity, the strength of love and the kick of saloon whiskey. Did we mention it’s based on a too-good-to-be-fiction story? When ex-slave Mary Fields heads to 1880s Montana to find freedom, adventure and her long-lost best friend, she discovers a gaggle of square-dancing nuns and a town full of cowboys in need of a little lesson in the American Dream.

Stagecoach Mary was presented as part of the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s Festival of New Musicals.

“You Can’t Tell a Heart What to Do”: Reunited after decades apart, a former slave and her master’s daughter try to explain their friendship — and why they separated all those years before. (Performed by Danielle Lee Greaves & Julia Murney)


“Let It Ride”: Desperate to learn how to drive a stagecoach, Mary turns to Sister Tallfeather (a taciturn Native-American nun with a less-than-orthodox view of the church) for a little advice. (Performed by Jenn Colella)


“Mine”: After proving her driving skills and winning her prized whiskey, Mary expresses what it feels like to finally have something that is truly her own.


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