“Kroll Show” Tease Campaign

Collaborated on concept and wrote copy for tease campaign promoting new series launch. With no mention of Comedy Central, the LA billboard and series of NY subway cards (riffing off the ubiquitous Dr. Zizmor ads) created robust press coverageblogging and social media conversation while driving to video link.

Winner of the CTAM Mark Award for “Most Innovative Campaign” of the year.

Lifetime Emmy FYC Campaign

Wrote headlines for multi-show award-consideration campaign, featured across all print media and inspired by the network’s existing tag line “We Believe in Women.”

“Workaholics” Red Band Campaign


Wrote headline used for billboards, two-sheets and on-air spots as part of the “red band trailer,” season launch campaign.

“Drunk History” Premiere Campaign

Drunk History 2 Sheet

Drunk History Lobby  Drunk History Lobby 2

drunk-history-billboard  Drunk History Urinal

Collaborated on concept and provided copy for top priority series launch across multiple digital and print applications — including the above subway two-sheet,  lobby installation with museum card, billboard and “men’s room” posters.

Winner of the 2014 Global Promax/BDA Gold Medal for “Best Outdoor, Environmental, Transit Ad Campaign: Program”.

“Problematic” Launch Campaign

Provided copy and collaborated on concept for priority new series launch key art and billboards.

“Comedy Jam” Launch Campaign

Wrote copy that became the basis for billboard and on-air launch campaign.

“Another Period” Launch Campaign


Collaborated on concept and wrote headline used in print, billboard and on-air advertising for priority series premiere campaign.

CC Holiday Billboard

holiday billboard

Wrote copy for Comedy Central’s Holiday billboard, appearing over Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Critics’ Choice Awards Ad

Critics Choice

Provided copy for print ad congratulating Comedy Central’s Critics’ Choice Awards nominees.

“Kroll Show” Season 2 Campaign

Kroll 2 Gigolo Two Sheet Kroll 2 Rich Two Sheet Ceasar_Tech_College

Wrote copy and collaborated on concepts for “shows within the show” second season ad campaign as well as “tech college” parody subway cards.

“Inside Amy Schumer” Launch

Amy pedicabs

Wrote tagline which served as the foundation for a multi-platform campaign launching Inside Amy Schumer; also provided copy for ancillary units including pedicab stunt.

Winner of a ProMax/BDA Silver Medal for “Outstanding Comedy Program Promotion Using Multiple Media”.

AMNY “Indecision” Wrap

Provided the concept and copy for a “wrap” on election day issues of AM New York, supporting Comedy Central’s “Indecision 2012” coverage.

“Brickleberry” Launch Campaign

Collaborated on concept and wrote copy that became foundation for priority series launch campaign across all platforms.

“Colbert” Peabody Congrats

Provided copy for a trade journal ad congratulating The Colbert Report on its second Peabody Award.

“Workaholics” Torqued Billboards

Collaborated on concept and wrote copy for a series of billboards erected to promote the third season of the Comedy Central hit Workaholics. For more background on the billboards and insight into the fan-favorite episode being referenced, check out this review of the campaign.

“Indecision” Kiosk

Wrote copy for priority outdoor campaign, including this phone kiosk display, promoting Comedy Central’s Indecision election coverage.

Comedy Central Salutes

Provided copy for ads saluting network-supported causes such as the Montclair Film Festival and the Reel Works teen film initiative.

Emmy Congrats

Provided headlines for a series of full page ads congratulating Comedy Central talent on their Emmy nominations.