Amazon “Prime Video” Swag

Wrote copy for customer-facing, Amazon branded materials, including towels and shopping bags, in a campaign designed to promote the size of their digital streaming library.

Food Network November Promos

Wrote scripts for on-air promos designed to showcase Food Network’s “Thanksgiving Live” special and high-value November launches. The first of these spots was awarded the Promax/BDA Silver Medal for Outstanding Copywriting of the Year.

“Key & Peele” Party Fan


Wrote copy for Key & Peele Season 4 promotional item, a collectible fan distributed at “Grits and Biscuits,” a popular African-American professional networking/dance party.

“Broad City” Someecards



Wrote copy for a popular and highly-shared series of someecards (including the examples above), released to promote the new Comedy Central series Broad City.

SBCF Swag Tag

Wrote copy for a South Beach Comedy Festival VIP swag bag, featuring a selection of sunscreen products.

Comedy Central Evites

Wrote copy for email invitations to priority network events including the Emmy Post-Party and show launch screenings.

Comic Con Welcome Banner

Conceived and wrote copy for a banner at the entrance of New York Comic Con, welcoming fans and promoting new episodes of “monster” series Ugly Americans.

Luggage Tags

Provided copy for Comedy Central premium items including branded luggage tags.

CC Roast Invite

Tasked with providing copy for network event materials including this envelope sent to special guests of Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff.

Demetri & Sarah Puzzles

Conceived puzzles and provided copy for college newspaper insert promoting two priority premieres. [Click image to enlarge.]

Demetri & Sarah Valentines

Wrote copy for downloadable Valentines, playing off the style of classic childhood cards, to create awareness for two priority premieres.

Grove/Atlantic Book Descriptions

Provided book summaries and edited reviewer quotes for Grove/Atlantic, Inc. [Click images to enlarge.]

Chris Rock Brochure

Wrote and edited long form brochure detailing Chris Rock’s Summer School internship program. [Click images to enlarge two excerpted pages.]